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Extension FAQ

How much do extensions cost?

Depending upon the desired look and method you receive, the initial ranges between $500 to $1995.  To maintain the hair you can expect to pay ranging from $150 to $500.

How long does the hair last?

The quality of hair I use is very luxurious and can last you up to a year or longer.  This of course is contingent upon how well you take care of your hair.  It is ultimately up to you how your hair is treated and taken care of in between your visits to the salon.  

Can I swim with my extensions in?

Salt water and chlorine can and will cause concerns to the longevity of your extensions.  Also, depending upon the method you have, it can break down the glue/bonds in your hair as well.  For these reasons, it is never recommended to swim in your extensions.  If you still choose to get your hair wet, I do have special instructions that you receive in your hair care packet to help.

Are extensions damaging and can they ruin my hair?

The truth to this question is yes.  All extensions no matter the method or technique, can cause potential damage to your natural hair.  However, there are a bunch of lovely beauties with gorgeous and luxurious hair who do not experience the level of damage that extensions can cause (that's where I come in).  You must remember that you are ultimately the one who is responsible for how well your extensions are taken care of.  

Will you be able to see my extensions?

I offer two extension methods and the goal is always to be as seamless and undetectable as possible.  However, every person's situation is unique and differs accordingly.  Therefore, it truly depends on the method used, your own natural hair's density, the way you style your hair, length of your hair, etc.  

How often will I need to maintain my extensions?

I always give a generic estimate of every 6-12 weeks depending on the method you have, the amount your hair grows naturally, and other important considerations in between your visits to the salon.  Extensions are a luxury and high maintenance service and if not maintained properly, can result in damage that can be permanent.  

Can I bring my own hair in for you to install?

No.  I can not guarantee or stand behind the quality of the extensions and my work unless the extensions are purchased through me.  All new extension clients will receive pricing that includes the purchase of the hair, the install of the hair, the coloring of the extension hair to match your natural hair, the cut to blend, and style.  

Is hair coloring of my natural hair included in the extension pricing?

It can be, but since it is a different service, it will be charged separately and accordingly.  I custom match the extension hair to your natural hair so that you have a seamless and even blend.  This is included in all initial extension pricing.  Coloring of your natural hair is not included in the initial extension pricing and will be charged separately and accordingly.


Why is my deposit NON REFUNDABLE?

Your 50% deposit pays for the purchase of your hair.  Due to personal and sanitary reasons, your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.  Shall you choose to cancel your appointment, you and I can make arrangements for you to obtain the purchase of your hair.  

What kind of hair products will I need to use for my extensions?

Extensions are a luxury service and you definitely want to treat them as such.  I always recommend, Color Wow Products.  The line was designed for color treated hair AND extensions, the two things I do!  I go over all my recommendations, tips, how to's, etc. in your session, so you can continue your at home hair care regimen!

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